Weddings really are the best. I love them. Everyone is happy and excited to be there. The brides are always beautiful, the grooms handsome and the wedding party a blast. This one was really great.

The couple kept the entire thing so simple and about all the right things. Thank you. It was refreshing. They had friends make pies for the reception. Brilliant idea. And so many amazing options! Gotta love a pie.

I know this couple from our churches lifegroup that used to meet in our home. Their story is a good one. Makes the wedding so much more meaningful when you know the background of the couple and the ways that God has worked their lives to be together and for Him.


After a much long and needed overhaul. I have finally finished a new home for my photos. Welcome to the new digs! Enjoy! Take a tour!

Let me know if there is anything here that you think is missing or needed. I want this to be an easy pace to navigate and a place where future or current clients can come to see my work and get the info they need. Shoot me a message if you think I can improve on anything.